Grouting for Good

Posted on Monday, June 5th, 2017.

Wood Wise uses Byrd Tile Here is what they say about improvements in today’s grout:

“Grout is basically made up of portland cement with color pigments added. Due to the porous nature of cement, grout was, until recently, very prone to staining. Recent enhancements in the production of grout and its raw materials have made grout a much denser product. The addition of latex additives in the mixing of the product will also increase the density of the grout. There are also a large variety of penetrating sealers that can be applied to the grout as soon as 72 hours after installation. Though the initial cost for epoxy and urethane grout is more, these products provide a stain-proof and color-consistent grout joint.”

Wood Wise uses grout with a sealer built in since it increases stain resistance. There are several companies who make it such as Bostic “Vivid” and Tec Powergrout. Our clients have been pleased with the results.

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