Additions & Basements


Basement Remodeling

Basement remodeling projects are easier then full room additions minimizing project time and cost. The walls and the floor are already in place and there is easy access to plumbing and electrical. Converting an unfinished basement into a comfortable living space often adds more real estate value than it costs. In the Raleigh, Cary and Wake Forest home market, basement remodels can really make your property stand out and be more attractive to potential buyers down the road.

Wood Wise Design & Remodeling has won four Gold Awards for Best Basement through the Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County. Each winning project had challenges which we overcame both in design and construction. Each project had interesting upgrades that took it beyond “builder basic” so that the homeowners enjoyed a uniquely designed layout with personalized features.

Remodeling your basement may give you the added space you need without the effort of building an addition.

Room Additions

Some houses have charm, location and great landscaping but are simply too small or don’t have a basement to remodel. Room additions require more sophisticated design than interior renovation projects. After completing over six hundred renovations and additions in Raleigh, Cary and Wake Forest; we know how, where and what it costs to add on to an existing home.

Design-build companies like Wood Wise, offer design with the distinct advantage of knowing your ballpark costs early in the design process. Designing a project that fits your budget is a smarter process. It is frustrating for homeowners to hire an architect, develop plans over several months, then find that their new design, with everything they wanted, is way beyond their budget.

Additions involve all the trades, require dozens of inspections and require experienced project management. Choose the most experienced company when you choose to undertake an addition to your home. Let us take you through our step-by-step design process to come up with your best option for adding on. Then let our team manage your project with the strength of our knowledgeable subcontractors.

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