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Green Home Remodeling

The greenest houses are those that already exist. Their footprints are already established and their big resource needs in place. Working with client in Wake Forest, Cary and Raleigh; we have completed green home remodels that improve the value and quality of the home through performance and appearance upgrades.

Staying in place often makes sense, allowing you to keep your yard, your neighbors and your commute. Remodeling adds quality and new life to an existing home and extends the life of the home before it is taken down. It’s more sustainable to improve homes we already own than to cut down trees and build further out.

When homeowners begin to feel that their house isn’t working for them anymore, they often think the answer is more room.

Bigger is not always better. When we acknowledge that interior space is a precious resource just like clean water, air and soil, we start to think about it in more sustainable ways. Taking down interior walls is not difficult but it remakes a space dramatically. Cost savings are significant over adding on.

Before you renovate, read the Not So Big House, by Sarah Susanka. Her approach is redefining how we measure quality in a home. Big lonely, formal rooms are not comfortable. Neither are lots of little boxy rooms. Opening up interior space is a smart starting point for green remodeling.

Investing in high-performance heating and cooling, with filtration and an intermittent fan to circulate your air and lower energy bills is green.

Your family will be more comfortable, healthier and better off with better air. Consider splurging on wood or cork floors instead of carpet. Oak flooring is renewable, clean and nobody dislikes it. Choose the wider oak boards for an easy upgrade and save money by selecting a lower grade of oak which will offer more character and use more of the tree.

Remodeling is green since you preserve a home and conserve materials. Green home remodeling is a blend of strategies that include choosing healthy interior products, opening up rather than adding on if it makes sense, specifying Energy Star appliances, lighting and insulation levels and substituting sustainable materials for toxic or earth-unfriendly materials.

Let Wood Wise guide you through the design process for your home renovation. You will be able to choose the green features that fit and make educated decisions for your project.

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