Design-Build Advantage

The Advantages of Design-Build

Wood Wise is a design-build company, meaning that we provide the design and planning services as well as construction for your remodeling project. The design-build model provides quite a few significant advantages.

  • Personalized Plans and Project Management: The most important member of our design-build team is you, the homeowner. Your wishes and ideas drive the design, materials selection, and budget. By learning about your lifestyle, tastes, concerns and budget expectations, our design team can provide a unique, personalized version of the home improvements you want. The rest of the team – carpenters, engineers, subcontractors, and project manager – provide the skills to turn the plan into reality. Wood Wise project managers serve as your project advocate and team leader throughout construction.
  • Fixed Bid & Cost Savings: With the design-build process, you will know the projected construction costs early on and can make key decisions based on your budget. With a Fixed Bid, you agree to a scope of work without the worry and risk of cost overruns. Because we put together estimates all the time, we know what each aspect of a renovation costs, and can suggest cost-saving design methods and materials that still achieve the desired results. In addition, design-build is a more efficient process that helps ensure that your time and money are well spent. This is one-stop shopping at its best!
  • Design Options & Support: After your initial meetings with our designers, we will develop multiple design options (typically three) for you to consider. Sometimes, the best parts of several options are combined to create the final plan. What’s more, our design team will be there to assist you throughout the project. The designer helps you navigate showrooms, colors, finishes, and styles.
  • Convenience & Communication: With design and construction in the hands of one team, there is a clear chain of responsibility for the quality, craftsmanship, cost, and completion of your project. Having one team handle all aspects of the job streamlines the process, improves communication, and greatly reduces the chances of costly surprises and “renovation frustration.”