Trade Partners

Posted on Friday, October 28th, 2016.

Wood Wise has had over 25 years to refine our remodeling process. We are constantly making improvements, responding to input from our homeowners and our review of each project. Our goal is for you to be so pleased with the process and the results that you call us for future projects. We love our work and it shows.

One part of remodeling that is critical is the quality of our sub-contractors or trade partners. We are confident when we say we have the best team of tradesmen (plumber, electrician, cabinet installer, painter, tile installer, HVAC company, and more) in the remodeling business.  They take their work seriously and desire to do their best on every project. The trade partners understand our high standards and conduct themselves with integrity. On the few times they need to return to address an issue, they are quick to respond and make the necessary repair. Our relationship with them is great so your relationship and experience with them is excellent.

When you choose Wood Wise as your remodeler, you can be assured the Wood Wise team, including trade partners, will provide you with the best quality work in the industry.