Nine Tips and Debunking a Myth for a Greener Home

Posted on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011.


Go Green and Save Green at the Same Time


1. Replace your old toilet, pre 1995, with a new one and save hundreds of gallons of water a month. Consider a dual-flush toilet like Kohler’s Persuade toilet and save even more. New toilets are affordable and more comfortable (comfort height).

2. Have a Raleigh plumbing company, like Legacy Plumbing or Schwartz Plumbing, check for leaks at all toilets and faucets. 10% of U.S. homes lose over 90 gallons a day to leaks.

3. Purchase Energy Star appliances. Newer refrigerators are particularly efficient and can lower your monthly electricity usage.

4. Front loading washing machines use less water and much less electricity or gas for hot water. Plus, the top of the washing machine is a great area for folding clothes.

5. Change out light bulbs with CFL bulbs which last 10 times longer and use 25% less electricity every month. Buy Energy Star labeled CFL’s to avoid the delayed start.

6. Heating and cooling account for 40% – 50% of a home’s energy consumption. Install a digital, programmable thermostat and you will reduce energy while you are at work or away for the weekend. Adjusting your normal setting by 3 degrees will save $300 per year on a 3,000 square foot home.

7. Winter heating bills through the roof? Wood Wise now offers Icynene expanding spray foam that is installed in the rafters and stops significant heat loss and puts attic ductwork in a semi-conditioned space.

8. Painting your homes interior? Switch to Low-VOC paint for non-toxic, low-odor, and easy to touch up painting. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have it in stock in all the same colors as regular latex paint.

9. Get an Energy Audit by Southern Energy Management in the Triangle. They assess your home’s energy performance and recommend steps to take.

Myth: showering with a friend saves energy. Our research indicates that showering with a friend often increases the time in the shower and steams up the bathroom which requires the exhaust fan to run longer. However, we still recommend it for the relationship benefits.