Posted on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013.

There are many options when designing a new shower for your bathroom renovation. In our recent newsletter Kathy Walker, our designer, explained some of the latest options:

 Frameless: This refers to any shower enclosure that doesn’t have metal adhered to the edge of the glass. Frameless showers are virtually metal-free except for the  handle, hinges, and possibly clips on the glass panels. Glass-to-glass is used at the intersection of the glass panels to eliminate the metal corners. Heavier glass is used in frameless, usually 1/2”thick.

 Semi-frameless: The one defining factor of the semi-frameless is that the glass door does not have a metal frame. Metal is used on the header and the fixed glass frames have slim metal channels at the intersections.

 Walk-in: This refers to showers that have no shower door at all. A 5 foot tile wall with no glass is typical. Shower glass above 42” half-walls to a height of 80” to 90” is also typical. By eliminating the door, cleaning and maintenance are reduced.

 Glass selections: Glass comes in an array of patterns and textures including frosted. The most popular choice is clear glass which visually opens up the bathroom and highlights the shower wall tile design.