Selecting the Right Countertop

Posted on Friday, September 2nd, 2016.

   Granite, quartz, or marble? Choosing the right countertop will impact your daily living for years. Making the right selection goes beyond just color and style. Here are some tips for making the decision that is right for you:


  • Quartz: Engineered by combining about 90% ground quartz with about 10% resins and polymers, quartz has a very hard granite-like surface. Quartz countertops are zero-maintenance. Sealing quartz is not necessary since it is non-porous. Color choices include uniform looks as well as selections that look more like natural granite. Quartz is usually more expensive than granite.
  • Granite: By far the most popular choice is granite. It is beautiful and durable and every slab is unique. Sealing is recommended every two years and can be easily done by homeowners. Color choices are almost endless with some having lots of veining or “movement” and others not as much. Granite is sold by levels, level 1 being the least expensive to level 4 being the most expensive. The levels are determined by availability of the granite, not durability. You go to the stone warehouse to choose the actual slab that will be used in your home.
  • Marble: With an old world look, marble has emotional appeal for some homeowners. Marble is naturally a softer stone and will stain and scratch more easily than granite. Marble can be sealed but this will not prevent etching. Homeowners who choose marble embrace the marks and aging as added patina.
  • Quartzite: Like granite, quartzite is a naturally occurring stone. It is mined, sliced, polished, and sealed for beauty and durability. Quartzite is harder than both granite and quartz plus it withstands heat very well. Like granite, quartzite requires sealing. Quartzite is similar to quartz and level 2 and 3 granite in cost.

There are numerous factors when making the best countertop material decision. When you choose Wood Wise for your remodeling project, you are not alone in making your selections, including countertops. Designer Kathy Walker works with you to make sure your choices look great and work well with your lifestyle.