Sailing Through Showroom Selections

Posted on Monday, June 5th, 2017.

When you enter the world of remodeling, you find it is filled with decisions. You must decide on the budget, extent of work to be done, and much more. The most important decision is which remodeling firm to entrust with your renovation. That one decision can determine how easy or how hard the rest of the many decisions will be.

When it comes time to make selections (cabinets, countertops, tile, hardware, paint colors, etc.), many remodelers hand you a long list of decisions to make with a firm date to finalize. No guidance. No help. Just a list, a deadline, and a push out the door to a showroom to wander around on your own.

Homeowners who choose Wood Wise for their remodeling all have designer Kathy Walker accompany them to the various showrooms to help with all the selections. With 10 years of experience designing renovations, Kathy has developed a logical, organized approach. She gently guides clients through the selections process, step-by-step in a specific order. Kathy makes it easy.

There are multiple building-related showrooms in the area but through the years, Kathy has landed on those that provide top quality products, variety, and, equally important, great customer service.


Kathy’s favorite showrooms:


Kathy coordinates appointments with each showroom and our Wood Wise clients.