Remodeling Relationships

Posted on Thursday, December 1st, 2016.

The world of remodeling is not usually known for fostering loving relationships between the remodeler and the homeowner. Often the best a homeowner hopes for is to persevere through the renovation without ending up in court. There’s a better way. Wood Wise seeks to make lasting friendships with our clients. From the first appointment to working together in the design development, and especially through the construction process, our goal is to treat all our homeowners with kindness and thoughtfulness. We genuinely aim to be friends. Nurturing these relationships results in homeowners turning to Wood Wise for second, third, and even fourth projects. Here’s what one of our homeowners, now our good friends, had to say recently after we completed their third project, this time on their retirement home:


“I would highly recommend the company, they are very courteous and quite professional. I can’t say enough about how professional and kind and courteous the staff was. They left everything as clean as they could and I knew every day what was going to be going on. They were always in touch with me and I appreciate that kind of service. I got the best in workmanship from all the subcontractors. It was a great relationship.”