Remodeling My Home: When Designer Becomes the Client

Posted on Thursday, May 13th, 2021.

Remodeling, especially kitchen remodeling, is a lot of work. That reality became real for me this spring. Setting up a temporary kitchen required moving the refrigerator and microwave along with setting up shelving, prep table and kitchen essentials away from dust and work areas. Plus, cleaning out every drawer and cabinet kept me up late and moving furniture was physically tiring.

My role at Wood Wise, helping all our clients with showroom selections, took away the uncertainty about how to do it, but the “big decision” mental drama in making so many key selections felt stressful. Now that my kitchen is functional again, I am happy with my decisions and truly like my kitchen’s new look and performance. Big effort and big payoff. Every meal, even putting groceries away, is more enjoyable than it has ever been.

My thinking as I was planning this project was to update several spaces while the house was a work zone and subcontractors were involved. I remodeled the master bathroom, gutting out the dated tile shower and tub. This was really disruptive. New windows, shingles, paint and carpet! New doors out to the deck and yard!!

My optimism for a quick project faded as various supply chain delays and busy tradesmen added days to the original schedule.

More than ever I appreciate that Ben, our project manager at Wood Wise, is such an expert at handling so many details. I have greater compassion for our disrupted clients than ever before.

Now that life is close to normal, I realize how the challenges and inconveniences were part of the cost of getting my own home to be a good fit for me. My new windows, doors, interior colors and beautiful front door cheer me up daily. My new shower is awesome. I love my kitchen.  It really was worth it to endure the months of undoing to get to enjoy my home like never before.