Radical Makeover

Posted on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018.

We all love makeovers. There’s something hopeful and encouraging about seeing a home not living up to its potential finally arrive. The Wood Wise team is privileged to see this happen with every remodeling project. We see the lackluster “before” become the beautiful “after.” Some renovations are more extreme than others but all improve the lives of the homeowners.

This kitchen remodel falls in the “extreme makeover” group. The existing space was very cramped, inconvenient, and unattractive. WW designer Kathy Walker borrowed space from an adjoining room to expand the kitchen and give it a fresh layout. Now the kitchen is light-filled, well-organized, and a pleasure to work in. Daily life in the heart of the home has vastly improved and entertaining is a delight.

We love helping homes live up to their potential.

Better lighting, KraftMaid cabinets, and new hardwood floors are just some of the improvements made to this North Raleigh kitchen.
This kitchen was more than ready for a makeover.