Popular Shower Ideas

Posted on Thursday, October 29th, 2015.

Wood Wise designs and builds lots of showers for bathrooms. Some of the more popular items our designer Kathy Walker often includes are:


  • Shower rain heads: Most of us have experienced a shower rain head in a classy hotel. Adding it to a home shower can give a spa-look. Also, the shower experience is more relaxing with a rain head since the water flows onto your head and down. The larger head (8” x 8” as opposed to 2” regular head) provides greater coverage without changing standing position for an overall better shower experience. A handheld shower head is usually added for directional spraying and cleaning the shower.
  • Curbless shower entries: If a bathroom is large enough, a curbless shower entry makes sense, especially for aging in place. The shower pan is slightly recessed into the floor to make the gradual slope for good drainage. Homeowners find that walk-in showers (without a shower door) make for easy upkeep.
  • Shower benches and niches: Shower benches can be as simple as a small seat in the corner or a longer bench covered with granite. A well-designed shower will include niches set into the tile for toiletries for an organized look.

This Wood Wise design/built master bathroom has all these desired features:

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