The Right Railing

The right choice of railing can really make a porch or deck sing with style. With years of design and construction experience, we have found that metal is a good-looking and versatile material. It is sturdy and low-maintenance. It can be used vertically or horizontally to fit the home’s look. The horizontal railings have the added benefit of being easier to see through to a beautiful view. Here are some great porches that show just how much style the right railings can add:

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Design & Function

Homeowners call Wood Wise to help solve design and functional issues they have with their homes. This homeowner had three particular issues she needed addressed:


  1. A screened porch that fit her unique 1926 Spanish Revival style home.
  2. Privacy while sitting on the new porch in spite of having the house next door very close.
  3. A new aviary built under the porch to house her large collection of parakeets, parrots, and other birds.


The Wood Wise design team developed a beautiful porch that blends beautifully with the original home architecture. The privacy issue was solved with a metal screen that has a Spanish influence pattern. The aviary was custom built to work with the needs of her particular birds and looks great, too.


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Hurricane Florence

We are glad Raleigh was spared the worst of Hurricane Florence. But lots of people in NC are still displaced and suffering the terrible effects of flooding. Wood Wise has donated baby formula, first aid supplies, toiletries, and much more to Operation Airlift which takes much needed supplies in to areas inaccessible by roads. Over 200 small aircraft pilots have volunteered their time and planes to fly in food and other items.  The Wood Wise team went shopping with the updated list and dropped off the supplies at the airport. We know our little part is small but working together, it adds up.

Hank Wall, Wood Wise owner, and designer Kathy Walker load up Hank's car with supplies.

Hank’s car is overflowing with much needed supplies for the flood victims of Hurricane Florence.

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Meet Two of the Best!

Wood Wise carpenters Steve and Carl are two of the best in the industry. They not only have good carpentry skills but good people skills, too. Our homeowners love them and often tell us how much they appreciate their abilities, wisdom, and kindness. Here Steve and Carl help out with our showroom cabinet display. Give us a call and let Steve and Carl show their talents off at your house.

Hurricane Florence

A threat to the safety of our family and home is to be taken seriously. Hurricane Florence has made us all stop and think about the value we place on our homes. Wherever we live, there is a strong connection to the place where we do life with the people we love.


As you wait out the storm and its results, take time to give thanks for all your home provides and represents. The Wood Wise team hopes you, your family, and your home stay safe during this weather event.

What Makes A Successful Remodeling Project?

It takes a dedicated team to dream, design, and build a great remodeling project. Here are some important aspects to consider for your next renovation:

  • Trust: Finding a remodeling company you can trust is the #1 priority for a successful project. Look at recent reviews of the companies you are considering. Meet with them to see if you “click” with their ideas and process. Make sure you are given a referral list of past clients with contact info so you can call and ask about their remodeling experience. How many of their past clients would hire them again? A good remodeling company will have plenty of satisfied homeowners and should be able to provide you with a dozen or more recent clients for you to contact.
  • Collaborative design process: A good remodeler will listen to your goals and visions for the house, offering not just one solution but several options. He will welcome your suggestions and changes. The good remodeler understands that this is your home and your project should reflect your lifestyle.
  • Good project management: Having a good design is essential. The construction of that design is paramount. A good remodeler wants not only the finished product but the remodeling experience to be great. That requires a trained team of top professionals to pull it off.
  • Excellent problem resolution: It would be unrealistic to think a remodeling project that involves coordinating materials and managing dozens of subcontractors would go without some hitches. The key is how a remodeler deals with issues as they arise. Are they quick to respond and make things right? Do they listen and offer a good resolution?  An experienced remodeler will address situations in a timely manner.

Wood Wise Design & Remodeling, with over 26 years of experience, has worked hard to develop into the best remodeling company by being trust-worthy and offering great collaborative design, good project management, and excellent problem resolution. We welcome you to call and set up a meeting so we can tell you more about our process. Let us share with you our long referral list of delighted clients as proof that Wood Wise can make your next remodeling project successful, too.

Award-worthy Goals

Winning awards causes us to reflect on our goal of providing our homeowners with improved homes that lead to improved lives. Convenience, organization, and enjoyment are worth pursuing and we love helping our clients make their homes the best they can be.

Awards are also a good time to appreciate all our trade partners who help transform our clients’ homes. We are fortunate to have such a great group of professionals who go with us from project to project. Continue reading

2018 STAR Award Winners!

Last night was a big night for Wood Wise at the 2018 STAR Award Gala! We walked away with 4 awards for winning projects of best kitchen (2 winners in their respective categories), best bathroom, and best whole house renovation! Congratulations to our homeowners for making such great changes to their homes. We especially thank them for choosing Wood Wise to design and build them.

Here are the winning projects:

Best Whole House Renovation

Best Kitchen Category II

Best Bathroom

Best Kitchen Cat. III


Award Winners!

We get pretty excited when we are recognized with honors for our work. At the 2018 STAR Awards Gala, Wood Wise was once again recognized for good design, top-notch construction, and very satisfied homeowners. Here’s Hank and Kathy, savoring the four wins:

Kathy and her husband, Adam, enjoy the dinner with Hank.

Designer Kathy Walker and Hank showing off the awards.


Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Wood Wise’s success is due, in part, to the great relationships and spirit of cooperation within our team. To foster that positive atmosphere, the Wood Wise team members included their families in a great evening out at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. There was plenty of good food and laughter while watching the Bulls play the Columbus Clippers. Even though the Bulls lost, Wood Wise won with a rich time of being with treasured friends and meeting new ones.