Measuring for Excellence

Posted on Thursday, November 19th, 2020.

The second step of our 4 step design/build process (the first being our free first home visit) is the measure. Our team comes to your home to accurately measure the areas we will be improving. The tools are a trusted traditional tape measure, a Bosch professional laser measure, graph paper, and pencil. Pretty simple but they work great.

Once a sketch of the existing layout is done, the measuring begins. Hank and Kathy carefully measure every inch, noting where every window, door, and opening occurs. Photos are taken from every angle to better enable us to recall every detail. Once this is completed, it’s back to the office to enter all the information into the computer. The existing plan is created and the fun begins! Design options are then developed to present to our homeowners.

We do lots of homework during the design phase to ensure a successful project for each of our clients. Careful measuring is the foundation for it all.