Making A Wish List Reality

Posted on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017.

When homeowners come to Wood Wise for a complete kitchen remodel, they usually have a wish list of desired items. We listen to our clients, look at the space, and give several options on a better layout to achieve those goals, along with additional improvements.

In this kitchen remodel, the homeowners wanted a larger kitchen and a better layout for a smoother traffic flow. Incorporating space from surrounding rooms was not a possibility so an addition of 8 feet across the back of the kitchen was built to provide the needed room. A new large island that doubles as a place for food prep and dining has the look of a farm table. Plenty of room behind the island allows multiple cooks to move freely. The wish list has become a reality.

The homeowners have this to say about their Wood Wise remodeling experience:

“(Wood Wise designer) Kathy’s knowledge and guidance were very helpful. She thought of things we didn’t consider or had little experience with. She also brought ideas from other projects but was open to incorporating our needs and style.”