House People by Hank Wall

Posted on Monday, June 5th, 2017.

Some people are house people. They notice all aspects of their home. The better their house looks, the better they feel.

House people admire, critique and appreciate home design. House people travel through life noticing the good, the bad and the asymmetrical. They feel sad for the design-deficient people in their lives and secretly envy everyone with a really big home enhancement budget.

House people go on home tours. They buy “Best Kitchens” magazines on impulse at the grocery checkout.  Home shows draw them in like free Ben & Jerry’s.

House people rearrange their stuff in pursuit of a fresh look. For them, furniture placement is less fixed, paint colors less permanent and artwork moves around wall to wall in their dwellings.

Problems may arise when two house people fall in love. While this may seem compatibility-positive (two home-design lovers planning and decorating together) it may be too many cooks in the kitchen. Relationships are tested during home remodeling but the thrill of enjoying life with updated design brings house people together.

For house people, spending time in design deprived places creates anxiety, even depression. They wither like unwatered house plants in tasteless or drab environments. They thrive in beautiful surroundings. For them, remodeling and decorating are special rewards, the fun part of life. Regular updating is essential, like Vitamin K. House people dream and plan and save for improvements. 

Are you a house person?

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