Our People

Our People

You hire a remodeler to make good decisions on your behalf, to be honest and fair, to solve problems quickly and to get the best work from the subcontractors. It is an important decision that will affect you and your family way beyond those months that you spend with the remodeling team. We think you should meet the people you are going to work with before you make your decision.
We think you’ll agree that we’re a great team. Call (919) 783-9330 or click on the Contact page to arrange to meet us in person.

  • President: Hank Wall
  • Designer: Kathy Walker
  • Project Manager: Ben Toney
  • Bookkeeper: Cindy Nowell

Hank Wall

Hank lives with his wife Beth in a home that he has remodeled several times over the years. When he’s not working, he likes to hike, practice yoga and travel. Before starting Wood Wise, Hank taught school, taught carpentry and built solar homes in Vermont. His early decision to hire only nonsmokers has set the carpentry staff apart from other Raleigh remodelers. He has attracted the friendliest, most talented personnel. Hank has an easy-going management style with an emphasis on top-quality craftsmanship and inspired design ideas. Wood Wise’s commitment to the environment includes building homes that use eco-friendly materials. “Wood Wise people are great team players,” says Hank. “Our intention is to be good partners with all of our homeowners. We accept your trust and feel responsible to deliver on our promise to be really good at what we do. When you decide to remodel, we can help.”

Kathy Walker, Designer/Contractor

Kathy is an interior designer and the resident expert on kitchen design and cabinet layouts at Wood Wise. She works with clients throughout the design process, beginning with conceptual design and working through all the details and selections to create the perfect plan. With Kathy’s knowledge of materials, finishes, and fixtures, our clients can select their new interior features with confidence and insight. She has a BS in Interior Design with a minor in art, is a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), has her CAPS certification (Certified Aging in Place Specialist), and is a Licensed General Contractor. Since joining Wood Wise in 2006, Kathy has designed hundreds of kitchens and provided countless drawings and designs, including the cabinet layouts for our award winning projects.

Ben Toney, Project Manager

Since joining Wood Wise in 2003, Ben has been praised by homeowners for many aspects of his project management. He communicates with everyone daily, which is the ultimate ingredient in a successful renovation. In the remodeling business nothing is more frustrating for homeowners than not knowing what is going on. Ben has mastered the art of client communication, summarized in the recent client comment, “Ben answers his phone every time I call him.” Ben manages projects from start to finish. He often completes large renovations with a “zero punch list.” No items on a final punch list is remarkable, a big deal, a sign of a well-managed project. Only by holding every subcontractor to our higher standard can this be achieved. Only by talking regularly with clients is this possible. Only by committing to a strong, organized completion push does a project manager have a final walk-through without anything on the punch list. Ben does not get ruffled. Remodeling is challenging work, but Ben is smiling throughout.

Cindy Nowell, Bookkeeper

Cindy has been the Wood Wise bookkeeper since 1997. Her background includes work in insurance and real estate before establishing herself as the bedrock of Wood Wise. Cindy is efficient, reliable, and loyal. She has been the constant at Wood Wise, making sure everyone gets paid promptly. Good bookkeeping is a blend of skills and attitude. Cindy has both. Anything less than perfect is not good enough. She gets it right – whatever it takes.

Bill Newberry

Bill brings his many years of remodeling experience and his background in accounting to Wood Wise. During the design phase, Bill works with Kathy to determine ballpark estimates for each design option. When the plans are finalized, Bill gathers subcontractors’ costs to come up with the fixed price contract for the project. To develop the final number, Bill visualizes building the project, step by step, trade by trade, using the actual quotes provided by our trade partners. When Bill is not using his estimating skills to help Wood Wise clients, he heads to the coast to work on his fishing skills.

Becky Newberry

When you call Wood Wise to do a renovation, you will probably talk to Becky. She helps homeowners take the first step towards remodeling their homes. At the first meeting, she shares with homeowners more about the Wood Wise process and provides pages of past client referrals. Becky communicates the Wood Wise story through our website, on Houzz.com, and regularly shares highlights on Facebook and the blog. At the end of each renovation, Becky sets up photo shoots to line our office walls with helpful photos of successful projects.

Two events that Becky particularly enjoys are the Remodelers Home Tour which features one of our newly finished projects and the Downtown Home Show where she describes how to have a positive remodeling project.  Becky loves working at Wood Wise where she counts it a privilege to help homeowners improve their homes and their lives.