Choosing Your Kitchen Floor: Tile or Hardwood?


When updating your kitchen, the question of what flooring to use comes up. Most people want hardwoods in the rest of the house but the kitchen poses a dilemma. Hardwood or tile? Here are some characteristics of both materials to consider:

Tile: Hardwood:

  • • Durable
  • • Easy to clean
  • • Light color options


  • • Hard on legs/feet
  • • Cold in winter
  • • Subject to cracking


  • • Not recommended despite the lower cost

  • • Elegant and authentic
  • • Warm in sock feet
  • • Comfortable for standing
  • • Polyurethane finish is water-resistant


  • • Water leaks can damage floors. (Spills shoulld be cleaned up quickly)
  • • Subject to dents from dropped skillets, etc.

Many Wood Wise clients choose hardwoods for their kitchens because of the beautiful look and warmth. With non-slip area rugs in strategic places such as in front of the sink, the daily wear and tear to the floor is kept to a minimum.

If you like both wood and tile, there is porcelain tile that looks like natural wood. It comes in all kinds of colors and finishes (check out Byrd Tile’s selections at: It is so real looking that the first time our design team saw it, we had to actually reach down and touch it to make sure. Porcelain wood-look tile can also be a great look in bathrooms and laundry rooms where water can be a bigger issue.