Changing Seasons

Posted on Friday, September 1st, 2017.

Does September get you thinking about autumn, the holidays, and cooler temps? Wise homeowners take care of their homes as seasons change. The items you address now can make your life more comfortable later.

Here are some ways to get your home ready for winter:

• Check gutters & downspouts: Standing water in debris-filled gutters can affect roofs and siding, causing rot and leaks. Clean them yourself if you can do so safely or call Triangle Exterior Solutions (252 885 2575) for help.

• Replace furnace filters: Clean filters can help your heating system run more efficiently and make the air you breathe cleaner, too.

• Inspect your chimney: A clean chimney makes those fireside chats safe by reducing chances of soot build-up from catching fire and spreading to other parts of your home.

• Carbon monoxide detector: Before you have that first fire in the fireplace, make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working correctly and has fresh batteries.

• Check for leaks around doors and windows: Keep your family more comfortable by eliminating drafts. Seal up leaks or replace old doors and windows as needed. Call Wood Wise for referrals.

• Declutter: Ok, this doesn’t really help to make your home warmer or drier but it will definitely help you enjoy your life more and get your home ready for holiday entertaining. Clean out that closet, junk drawer, or garage. Clear off that bookcase or shelf and put back only select items for a fresher look. Throw out old magazines and clear off the front of your refrigerator. Less clutter is pleasing to the eye and spirit.