Blending Old and New

Posted on Friday, June 21st, 2013.

This historic house needed a total make over. The Wood Wise challenge was to make it comfortable for a modern family of four. A rickety interior stairwell was sealed up to a crawlspace which improved the smell in the house and provided valuable living space. All but two of the windows and all exterior doors were replaced. New doors seal properly but maintain the old house charm. Two bathrooms and the funky kitchen were gutted and renovated; a master suite was created on the first floor by combining a porch, the space from the old basement stairs, and a hall area with a small bedroom. A new laundry found a home in the location of an ill-placed screen porch next to the kitchen. All the floors were refinished, all ceilings made smooth and the whole house was painted. See the results:

 #13 Best Historic Renovation  AFTER1 Wood Wise        #13 Best Historic Renovation AFTER5. Wood Wise

#13 Best Historic Renovation AFTER2. Wood Wise        #13 Best Historic Renovation AFTER6. Wood Wise