A Message From the President

Posted on Wednesday, September 8th, 2021.

Home remodeling has never been an easy line of work. Making homes better involves demolition, dust, and disruption – often while families are living in the home. For the past two years, all aspects of remodeling have been further challenged, with supply chain issues, materials shortages, and long delays on windows and cabinets.

Hank Wall, President
Hank Wall, founder and president of Wood Wise Design & Remodeling

Prior to the pandemic, cabinet deliveries arrived like clockwork four weeks after the order was placed. Delivery times are currently 16 to 18 weeks out. Delays during construction are painful for homeowners living in a work zone, and difficult for professional remodeling contractors eager to “get ‘er done.” 

Ironically, after the year of staying home in 2020, more homeowners than ever are emailing and calling to make home improvements. It is still a huge lifestyle upgrade to get to live in the remodeled version of your home.

Wood Wise is working hard to accommodate the increase in demand while giving each client the careful attention our homeowners deserve. Patience and flexibility are essential to work through the design of a project to the construction completion. Enjoying life at home is the goal, and is worth it still, despite new hurdles and delayed completion times.