A Message from Hank

Posted on Thursday, December 27th, 2018.

It is natural at the end of a year to review and reflect. I personally enjoyed a particularly good year. One bit of advice I came across is to “say something uplifting to each person you speak with each day”. On good days I have remembered to do this and everyone has been nicer as a result.


Wood Wise enjoyed a great year helping clients redesign and renew their lives at home. Kathy, our talented designer, won the Waypoint Cabinetry annual Best Kitchen Award for the whole United States. She will be flown to Las Vegas to accept the award. We are appreciative for our homeowners, Morgan and Bradley Tew, for the recognition and hope they enjoy their time in their improved home.


Speaking of enjoying life at home, the temporary downturn in the stock market reminds me that if you live in the Triangle you are smart to invest in your own home – your life backdrop as well as valued real estate. The investment is sound and the enjoyment you experience after remodeling beats any uptick in the market. You truly get to experience success when your home reflects your style with new colors, cabinets and convenience features.


Best wishes for a successful new year,


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