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Posted on Friday, June 14th, 2013.

Over our 22+ years of remodeling homes, Wood Wise Design & Remodeling has listened to our clients. Combining design and construction in one place is a result of this listening and has made a winning combination for homeowners. The advantages of this new design-build concept are explained in an article by Hank Wall, president of Wood Wise, in our latest e-newsletter. You can read it here:


Renovation Design: New vs. Old
by Hank Wall, President of Wood Wise Design & Remodeling
The new model for getting renovations designed is called design-build, when one company has both construction and design under one roof with a streamlined process overseeing all the steps. The project-long relationships grow from first meeting through each stage of design and renovation. Everyone is working together to create a successful project instead of the disconnect between the separate builder and the architect.

Residential design-build companies frequently employ a mix of home designers, kitchen and bath designers, project managers, selections experts, and carpenters. Homeowners prefer this approach. With the planning of selections (tile, faucets, lighting, etc.) integrated into the overall design they enjoy reduced stress and fewer scheduling fiascos.

“The stress of decision overload is reduced since your design team leads you step-by-step. “

Successful design-build has a built-in decision process. Homeowners are guided through the complex process. The stress of decision overload is reduced since your design team leads you step-by-step. Their goal is a successful project.

With design-build the renovation cost discussions are woven into the design and planning all along. Knowing costs early helps inform the design process. The old model postponed clarity regarding costs until the design was completed and homeowners received bids from construction companies that had no role in design.

“The goal is a successful project.”

A successful remodeling project needs good communication day to day. At Wood Wise we have increased our success rate to nearly straight A’s since we adopted the design-build model.



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